How to Replace a Rear Differential Pinion Seal - YouTube

Need a Gear puller? Well here goes another unexpected project but as always it's one we tackle with some beer and get er done. A few weeks ago I was towing the boat home and once we got back to the storage yard I noticed my rear differential was all covered in oil. Under inspection it turned out that my seal had a really bad leak in it. I don't usually drive my truck much maybe a couple times every couple weeks but all project must be taken care of. I purchased a seal that was for my truck but once i got my seal out it turned out my truck did not have the standard 1/2 axle in it. It seems to be that it has been swapped out for a 1 ton limited slip rear end. it's been a week after doing the project and all seems to be good there isn't any leaks at all what so ever. follow on instagram -- Bullshitkorner